Large-Scale Solar can Cool Nearby Areas

An international team of scientists observed a cooling effect in a large radius around solar arrays. The cooling may have implications for local ecosystem management.

UC Davis Energy Industry Expert Discusses Drought Impact on Hydroelectric Power

Lake Oroville is a clear example of the hot, dry conditions affecting the kind of hydroelectric output California can muster from its dams and reservoirs. FOX40 has been looking at this situation and talking about it from several different angles since the height of the pool hit critically low levels. Watch Story

Is California Ready for Brown Lawns and Shorter Showers? Drought Requires Less Water Use

In the face of rapidly worsening drought conditions this week, Gov. Gavin Newsom urged all Californians to voluntarily cut their water usage by 15% — but what exactly does that mean for the average California household? The governor made his plea Thursday as he extended a regional state of drought emergency to 50 counties, comprising about 42% […]

U.S. West faces little-known effect of raging wildfires: contaminated water

Early this spring, water bills arrived with notes urging Fort Collins Utilities customers to conserve. The Colorado customers may have thought the issue was persistent drought in the U.S. West. But the problem was not the quantity of water available. It was the quality. Utilities are increasingly paying attention to a little-known impact of large-scale […]

Worried About Returning to the Office? What to Ask Your Boss to Ensure You’re Safe

As employees and students prepare for their return to offices and classrooms, an NBC Bay Area investigation reveals a surprising lack of oversight regarding indoor air quality, which may have led to more COVID-19 infections and deaths.  Experts argue the problem existed well before the pandemic and continues to threaten workplaces and schools across the […]

UC Davis Developed Sealing Technology Raises $22 Million from Breakthrough Energy Ventures

Aeroseal LLC, a company with a technology to better insulate buildings, raised $22 million from Breakthrough Energy Ventures, a fund backed by Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates. The technology, AeroBarrier, was developed at UC Davis by professor emeritus Mark Modera. Air leaks in buildings waste energy and can cause moisture and indoor air quality problems. […]