Energy Graduate Group Faculty

The EEI has over 50 affiliated faculty from departments across UC Davis. These faculty are affiliated with the Energy Graduate Group (EGG).

  • Arnold, Gwen

    Gwen Arnold

    • Associate Professor, Environmental Science and Policy
    • Co-Director, Center for Environmental Behavior
    • Hydraulic fracturing; regulation and policymaking
    Gwen’s research focuses on decision-making by front-line government managers, both within U.S. municipalities and within natural resource agencies. She also studies diffusion of policy innovations across sub-state jurisdictions, federalism dynamics in the ...
  • Atsumi, Shota

    Shota Atsumi

    • Associate Professor, Chemistry
    • Biofuels
  • Berben, Louise

    Louise Berben

    • Professor, Chemistry
    • Solar fuels; CO2 conversion; hydrogen production
  • Brinkley, Catherine

    Catherine Brinkley

    • Assistant Professor, Human Ecology
    • City and regional planning; place-based policies and interventions; food-energy-water nexus; integrating agricultural ecosystems with urban areas; district heating
  • Brown, Austin

    Austin Brown

    • Executive Director, Policy Institute for Energy, Environment, and the Economy
    • Clean energy technology & policy; energy efficiency; vehicle automation & future transportation systems
    As Executive Director of the Policy Institute, Austin Brown builds strong connections between the research and policy communities at the local, state, and national ...
  • Bunch, David

    David Bunch

    • Professor, Graduate School of Management
    • Consumer choice behavior and modeling; decision and management sciences

    Professor David Bunch is an internationally recognized expert on marketing research, marketing science and decision and management sciences. His research interests include consumer choice behavior, choice modeling, new product development and introduction, travel ...

  • Bushnell, James

    James Bushnell

    • Professor, Economics
    • Energy markets; utility regulation; climate change; environmental regulation

    James Bushnell is a professor in the Department of Economics at the University of California, Davis, and a Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research. Prior to joining UC Davis, he spent 15 years as ...

  • Carter, Colin

    Colin Carter

    • Distinguished Professor, Agricultural and Resource Economics
    • Associate Director, UC Agricultural Issues Center
    • Commodity markets; international trade; China’s rural economy
  • Daccache, Andre

    Andre Daccache

    • Assistant Professor, Biological and Agricultural Engineering
    • Agriculture water management; irrigation & hydraulic engineering; crop & climate change modeling
  • Delplanque, J.P.

    J.P. Delplanque

    • Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    • Director, California Small Hydro Collaborative
    • Combustion; hydropower; modeling and simulation
  • Donis-Gonzales, Irwin

    Irwin Donis-Gonzales

    • Assistant Postharvest Engineering Specialist, Biological and Agricultural Engineering
    • Postharvest engineering, handling, traceability & processing of agricultural commodities; reducing energy consumption
  • Ellis, Matt

    Matt Ellis

    • Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
    • Control optimization of energy systems
  • Erickson, Paul

    Paul Erickson

    • Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    • Heat & mass transfer enhancement of reacting flows; fuel cell, hybrid drive & electric vehicles; energy systems
  • Fan, Zhiliang (Julia)

    Zhiliang (Julia) Fan

    • Associate Professor, Biological and Agricultural Engineering
    • Energy Graduate Group Graduate Advisor
    • Biofuels; metabolic engineering; fermentation; process modeling
    Advancing technologies for production of fuels and chemicals from renewable resources. Metabolic engineering and biocatalyst development; fermentation process development and modeling; biological and chemical process design and economic evaluation.
  • Ferguson, Beth

    Beth Ferguson

    • Assistant Professor, Design
    • Renewable energy; transportation fuels; energy efficiency
  • Franz, Annaliese

    Annaliese Franz

    • Associate Professor, Chemistry
    • Biofuels, catalysis; chemical transformations to produce biofuels
  • Grodsky, Steven

    Steven Grodsky

    • Assistant Research Ecologist, John Muir Institute of the Environment
    • Co-founder, Co-director, Wild Energy Initiative
    • Energy ecology; sustainable energy development

  • Hardman, Scott

    Scott Hardman

    • Professional Researcher, Plug-in Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Research Center
    • Low carbon & innovative vehicle technologies
  • Hargadon, Andrew

    Andrew Hargadon

    • Faculty Director 2006-2007
    • Professor of Technology Management, Graduate School of Management
    • Charles J. Soderquist Chair in Entrepreneurship, Graduate School of Management
    • Energy efficiency design and management

    Andrew Hargadon is the Charles J. Soderquist Chair in Entrepreneurship and Professor of Technology Management at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management. ...

  • Harvey, John

    John Harvey

    • Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
    • Chair, Transportation Technology and Policy Graduate Group
    • Director, University of California Pavement Research Center
    • Life cycle assessment; pavement engineering; alternative material development
  • Hernandez, Rebecca R.

    Rebecca R. Hernandez

    • Assistant Professor, Land, Air, Water Resources
    • Assistant Earth System Scientist, Agricultural Experiment Station
    • Energy geography & energy knowledge systems; environmental impacts, trade-offs & synergies of energy development; land-use, land sparing & energy infrastructure planning; food-energy-water nexus; sustainable solar energy development & wildlife interactions
    Dr. Hernandez’s research is ...
  • Jenkins, Bryan

    Bryan Jenkins

    • Distinguished Professor, Biological and Agricultural Engineering
    • Chair/Director, California Renewable Energy Center
    • Energy systems; optimization; thermochemical conversion
  • Jenn, Alan

    Alan Jenn

    • Assistant Professional Researcher, Institute of Transportation Studies
    • Alternative fuel vehicle adoption; transition to sustainable energy systems; quantitative policy analysis; big data statistical analysis
  • Jeoh, Tina

    Tina Jeoh

    • Associate Professor, Biological and Agricultural Engineering
    • Cellulosic biofuels; bioconversion
  • Jessoe, Katrina

    Katrina Jessoe

    • Associate Professor, Agricultural and Resource Economics
    • Environmental and energy economics; consumer and firm behavior
  • Kendall, Alissa

    Alissa Kendall

    • Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
    • Chair, Energy Graduate Group
    • Life cycle assessment; renewable energy; transportation energy

    Alissa Kendall is a Professor in the UC Davis Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Chair of the UC Davis Energy Graduate Group. Her research applies and advances the methods and perspectives of ...

  • Kisekka, Isaya

    Isaya Kisekka

    • Assistant Professor, Land, Air and Water Resources and Biological and Agricultural Engineering
    • Agricultural hydrology & water management; irrigation engineering; crop modeling & decision support
  • Kissock, Kelly

    Kelly Kissock

    • Faculty Director, Energy and Efficiency Institute
    • Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    • Chevron Endowed Chair in Energy Efficiency
    • Energy Efficiency; renewable energy

    Kelly Kissock is Faculty Director of the Energy and Efficiency Institute, Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and is the Chevron Endowed Chair in ...

  • Kornbluth, Kurt

    Kurt Kornbluth

    • Assistant Adjunct Professor, Biological and Agricultural Engineering
    • Director, Program for International Energy Technologies & D-Lab
    • Associate Director, UC Davis Blum Center for Developing Economies
    • Climate neutrality, energy efficiency; consumer behavior; renewable energy technologies

    Kurt Kornbluth is founding Director of the UC Davis Program for InternationalEnergy Technology and the UC Davis ...

  • Leite, Marina

    Marina Leite

    • Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
    • Energy harvesting & storage systems; functional properties of materials; materials processing
  • Loge, Frank

    Frank Loge

    • Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
    • Director, Center for Water-Energy Efficiency
    • Krone Endowed Professor in Environmental Engineering
    • Information technology; water/Energy nexus; water/health; conservation; sustainable systems & technologies

    Frank Loge is Director of the Center for Water-Energy Efficiency, a professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and the current holder ...

  • Mascal, Mark

    Mark Mascal

    • Professor, Chemistry
    • Integrated biorefinery; renewable fuels and materials; biomass valorization; biomass-derived platform chemicals
  • Meier, Alan

    Alan Meier

    • Adjunct Professor, Environmental Science and Policy
    • EGG Graduate Advisor–Admissions
    • Faculty Researcher, Energy and Efficiency Institute
    • Senior Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    • Energy efficiency; energy demand; economics; behavior and energy use

    Alan Meier is a senior scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Adjunct Professor at UC Davis in the Department ...

  • Miller, Sabbie

    Sabbie Miller

    • Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
    • Life cycle assessment; alternative materials development; sustainability and structural design
  • Modera, Mark

    Mark Modera

    • Faculty Director 2017-2020
    • Director, Western Cooling Efficiency Center
    • Professor Emeritus, Civil and Environmental Engineering
    • Professor Emeritus, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    • End-use energy efficiency; energy distribution systems; building energy management; ventilation and indoor air quality

    Mark Modera is Director of the UC Davis Western Cooling Efficiency Center (WCEC) and Professor Emeritus ...

  • Moore, Frances

    Frances Moore

    • Assistant Professor, Environmental Science and Policy
    • Economic and social impacts of climate change; energy-water-food nexus
  • Moule, Adam

    Adam Moule

    • Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering and Material Sciences
    • Energy Graduate Group Advisor-Science & Technology Track
    • Solar materials
  • Muehlegger, Erich

    Erich Muehlegger

    • Associate Professor, Economics
    • Regulation and taxation of energy markets; industrial organization; public finance; environmental policy
  • Munday, Jeremey

    Jeremey Munday

    • Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Photovoltaics; hydrogen technologies
  • Narayanan, Vinod

    Vinod Narayanan

    • Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    • Associate Director, Western Cooling Efficiency Center
    • Energy efficiency; heat and mass transfer enhancement in devices and systems; phase change heat transfer; microtechnology
  • Novan, Kevin

    Kevin Novan

    • Associate Professor, Agricultural and Resource Economics
    • EGG Graduate Advisor-Energy & Policy Management Track
    • Environmental economics; applied econometrics
  • Ogden, Joan

    Joan Ogden

    • Professor Emeritus, Environmental Science and Policy
    • Alternative fuels; energy transitions; hydrogen and fuel cells; energy infrastructure
  • Osterloh, Frank

    Frank Osterloh

    • Professor, Chemistry
    • Solar energy; photovoltaics; photocatalytic water splitting; hydrogen; nanomaterials
  • Park, Jae Wan

    Jae Wan Park

    • Associate Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    • Director, UC Davis Green Transportation Laboratory
    • Efficiency energy systems; fuel cells; batteries; electric grid
  • Pourreza, Alireza

    Alireza Pourreza

    • Assistant Agricultural Mechanization Specialist, Biological and Agricultural Engineering
    • Agricultural mechanization, robotics & automation; precision agriculture & horticulture; machine vision & remote sensing
  • Rapson, David

    David Rapson

    • Associate Professor, Economics
    • Energy economics; energy markets; energy policy
  • Ronald, Pamela

    Pamela Ronald

    • Distinguished Professor, Plant Pathology
    • Professor, Genome Center
    • Director, Grass Genetics, The Joint Bioenergy Institute
    • Faculty Director, Institute for Food and Agricultural Literacy
    • Biofuels; grass genetics; cell wall biosynthesis
  • Sanguinetti, Angela

    Angela Sanguinetti

    • Research Environmental Psychologist
    • Director, Consumer Energy Interfaces Lab
    • Eco-feedback interfaces, consumer behavior, collaborative neighborhood design
  • Scott, Tyler

    Tyler Scott

    • Assistant Professor, Environmental Science & Policy
    • Environmental governance systems; environmental policy; land planning
  • Siminovitch, Michael

    Michael Siminovitch

    • Professor, Design
    • Director, California Lighting Technology Center
    • Rosenfeld Chair in Energy Efficiency
    • Energy-efficient lighting technology and design

    Michael Siminovitch is Director of the California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC), Professor in the Department of Design,and the Arthur H. Rosenfeld Chair in energy efficiency. Siminovitch participated on the leadership team for California’s ...

  • Simmons, Chris

    Chris Simmons

    • Assistant Professor, Food Science and Technology
    • Biofuels; waste-to-energy; water/energy nexus
  • Smith, Aaron

    Aaron Smith

    • Professor, Agricultural and Resource Economics
    • Biofuels; residential energy efficiency; energy price dynamics
  • Spang, Edward (Ned)

    Edward (Ned) Spang

    • Assistant Professor, Food Science and Technology
    • Affiliated Faculty Member, Center for Water-Energy Efficiency
    • Water, energy, and food resource systems
  • Sperling, Daniel

    Daniel Sperling

    • Faculty Director 2008-2009
    • Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering & Environmental Science and Policy
    • Founding Director, Institute of Transportation Studies
    • Founding Chair, Policy Institute for Energy, Economics and the Economy
    • Transportation and energy systems; transportation and energy policy

    Daniel Sperling is Professor of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science and Policy,and founding ...

  • Tal, Gil

    Gil Tal

    • Research Director, The Plug-in Hybrid & Electric Vehicle (PH&EV) Research Center
    • Transportation Research Director, The China Center for Energy and Transportation
    • Admission Graduate Advisor, Transportation Technology and Policy Graduate Group
    • Alternative fuel vehicles; travel behavior; travel demand modeling; transportation planning

    Gil Tal holds a Ph.D. in Transportation Technology and Policy ...

  • Taylor, Keith

    Keith Taylor

    • Assistant Economic Development Specialist, Human Ecology
    • Energy cooperatives; environmental policy; wind energy
  • Velázquez, Jesús M.

    Jesús M. Velázquez

    • Assistant Professor, Chemistry
    • Rational design of well-defined dimensionally reduced materials; nanoelectronics, energy conversion devices, and environmental remediation
  • Wheeler, Stephen M.

    Stephen M. Wheeler

    • Professor, Human Ecology
    • Urban and regional planning; austainability; climate action planning
  • Yu, Dong

    Dong Yu

    • Associate Professor, Physics
    • Solar energy; nanostructure solar cells