On October 7, 2020 (Energy Efficiency Day) UC Davis hosted the second Global Energy Managers Workshop, where over 190 facility managers, students, and faculty from around the world met to share and learn about energy-saving, cost management, and carbon reduction strategies.


9:00 - 9:50am PST 
Keynote Session
– Addressing the Three Energy Challenges of Our Time: Resilience, Decarbonization & Education

Hosts: Dr. Kurt Kornbluth, Director of the Program for International Energy Technologies & D-Lab, UC Davis & Josh Morejohn, Energy Manager for Facilities Management, UC Davis (Presentation Slides)


NYC Carbon Challenge and Cooper Union Activism: Engaging Students to Address Critical Challenges and Opportunities of our Time

Addressing Energy Challenges in Developing Countries: How a UC Davis and Local Energy Service Company Partnership is Improving Energy Resilience, Decarbonization & Education in Cote d’Ivoire

Biomethane as a Bridge to Resilience and Carbon Neutrality

10:00 - 10:50am PST
Resilience Session – Case Studies for an Energy Secure Campus

Host: Matt St.Clair, Director of Sustainability, UC Office of the President


Energy Resiliency – A Navy Story

Modernizing Cogen: Balancing Cost, Carbon & Resiliency

Danish Resilience: Power Supply Using EV and V2G in large labs

11:00 - 11:50am PST
Decarbonization Session – Electrification as a Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality

Host: Josh Morejohn, Energy Manager for Facilities Management, UC Davis


Navigating the Road to Decarbonization

Wrangling Carbon @ Google

  • Rolf Schreiber, Energy Strategy Program Manager, Real Estate & Workplace Services, Google

Electrification Progress, Potential, and Pitfalls at Berkeley Lab

12:00 - 12:50pm PST
Lunch and Informal Chat with Energy Rockstars

Host: Dr. Kelly Kissock, Faculty Director of the Energy and Efficiency Institute, UC Davis


  • Jill Anderson, Senior Vice President of Customer Service, Southern California Edison
  • Ralph Cavanagh, Co-Director Energy Program, Natural Resources Defense Council

1:00 - 1:50pm PST
Education Session – Project-based Learning in Energy

Host: Dr. Kurt Kornbluth, Director of the Program for International Energy Technologies & D-Lab, UC Davis


Project-based Learning in Energy: Needs and Opportunities (Presentation Slides)

2:00 - 2:50pm PST
UC Davis Session – Energy Research & Projects

Host: Dr. Alan Meier, Adjunct Professor, UC Davis; Senior Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Integrated Building Control Systems – A Key Building Block for Outcome-Based Energy Code

Refrigerant Use for Maintenance and Operations at a School District

Cows, Cold Water and Campus WiFI–UC Davis Charts its Course Toward Carbon Neutrality



Workshop History

On October 22-24, 2019, energy managers from around the world gathered at UC Davis to discuss and share ideas for the future of their work. This event was hosted by UC Davis Facilities Energy & Engineering, in partnership with the Sustainable Campus, Sustainable Cities initiative. The agenda was packed with interesting presentations and discussions, including district energy optimization, energy coursework design, and utility metering, as well as campus tours. Presentations from this workshop can be found here.

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