April 2021

New Study Published on Lithium-Ion Battery Material Circularity, Million LED Challenge Expands to Include Linear LEDs, and more!

Saving Water Saves Energy and Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions

UC Davis and LADWP Collaborate on Landmark Energy-Water Conservation Study

Roadmap to Renewables Unites Climate and Sustainability Goals

While the pressures of climate change bring a sense of urgency to renewable energy development, a new study serves as a roadmap toward uniting the goals of a low-carbon future with that of ecological sustainability and conservation.

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Associate Director, California Lighting Technology Center
Assistant or Associate Professor, Department of Design UC Davis


The Importance of Ventilation in Schools

Research has found that increased ventilation rates are associated with increased student performance, improved respiratory health, increased student attendance, and lower risk of transmission of airborne infectious diseases.

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Accelerating the development and commercialization of sustainable energy solutions