Energy Graduate Group Students

  • Master’s Student
Research Interests: Energy Efficiency; Negative Emissions Technologies; Renewable Energy
  • Master's Student
Research Interests: Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy; Energy Storage; Sustainable Development
Rhys Davis
  • Master's student
Research Interests: Energy Efficiency; Grid Modernization; Energy Rate Structures; Energy-Water Nexus
  • Ph.D student
Research Interests: Renewable Energy Policy; Environmental Economics; Energy Accessibility; Energy Storage
  • Master's Student
Research Interests: Advanced Power Systems; Renewable Energy Technologies for developing countries/rural communities; Building Energy Efficiency
Jean Ji
  • Master's student
Research Interests: Economics of Electric Vehicle Charging; Electric Vehicles-Electric Grid Interactions
Yanning Li
  • Ph.D. student
Research Interests: Grid Integration of Electric Vehicles; Economics & Policy of Electric Vehicle Charging
Jin Wook Ro
  • Ph.D. student
Research Interests: Life Cycle Assessment; Techno-Economic Analysis; Biomass; Biofuel; Waste-to-Energy
  • Ph.D Student
Research Interests: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA); Sustainable Alternative material development; Energy Systems Modeling and Optimization
Dan Tran
  • Master’s student
Research Interests: Alternative Building Materials & Methodologies; Microalgae Cultivation; Additive Manufacturing; CNC Technologies; Biodesign; Public Art; Decarbonization of Concrete

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