We’re thrilled to kick off the fall quarter with boundless energy and enthusiasm here at UC Davis Energy Graduate Group! As we kick off a new academic year, we’re looking forward to embracing fresh opportunities, collaborative initiatives, and exciting projects together.

EEI Brings Industrial Decarbonization Concepts to India Conference

EEI Faculty Director Kelly Kissock shared California’s net-zero energy expertise at an international panel in Goa, India. The gathering served as a hub for global experts to collaborate and shape policies to accelerate the world’s transition towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

A Path Forward: Decarbonizing Concrete Production

UC Davis researchers lead the way in reducing concrete’s carbon footprint, offering a roadmap to sustainability amid rapid population growth and California’s ambitious carbon neutrality goals.

City of Davis Recognizes EEI on National Energy Efficiency Day

October 4 is National Energy Efficiency Day! Energy efficiency is the most effective way to meet our energy needs, save money, and reduce harmful pollution. The City of Davis presented to EEI Faculty Director, Kelly Kissock, a proclamation recognizing the occasion.

Over the past 20 years, California’s population has gone up by 17% and the state economy has increased by 56%. But instead of going up, our energy use has decreased 12% and annual CO2 emissions have gone down by 20%. By far the biggest driver of this is energy efficiency.

Join EEI and the thousands of people who have already pledged to save money, cut pollution and create jobs for Energy Efficiency Day 2023 at energyefficiencyday.org!

Current Conundrum: Tackling Energy Waste in Vacant Buildings

The pandemic has left many offices largely empty, yet their energy consumption remains surprisingly high. UC Davis researchers are tackling this problem with innovative strategies to optimize energy use when buildings sit vacant, leading to more sustainable and efficient operations.

EEI IN THE NEWS: Smart Home Lab Aims for a Cooler, Low-Energy Future

“The house of the future will be able to seamlessly respond to changing grid conditions,” said Keith Graeber, engineering director of CLTC at UC Davis. “The consumer doesn’t have to remember. It will be automated, invisible, behind the scenes. The home will respond to preferences the customer establishes when they move in.”

Global Energy Managers Workshop

On November 2, UC Davis will host the fifth Global Energy Managers Workshop where facility managers, students, and faculty from around the world will share best practices in campus energy management, carbon reduction strategies and community engagement.

Beat the Heat and Reduce Emissions with Home Heat Pumps

EEI researcher Theresa Pistochini recently shared with SciLine how how heat pumps can efficiently cool and heat homes while reducing environmental impact, and why switching to them is a smart choice for homeowners.