Materials Decarbonization and Sustainability Program

Advancing the development and use of sustainable low-carbon materials such as cement and steel. Using a life-cycle approach considering extraction, manufacturing, use, function and end-of-life management to comprehensively address sustainability and functional requirements. The Materials Decarbonization and Sustainability Program is headed by Professor Sabbie Miller of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UC Davis. Visit her […]

Industrial Decarbonization

Industry is responsible for approximately one-third of all energy consumption in the United States, more than any other sector of the economy. By evaluating energy efficiency opportunities in conjunction with demand side management opportunities, industry can minimize both cost and carbon emissions while also improving reliability and sustainability of production. While there are many opportunities […]

Rural Electric Cooperatives

Electric cooperatives serve over 40 million consumers in the United States and have a rich history. The Institute is working with┬áDr. Keith Taylor, an expert on cooperatives in UC Davis’ Community Regional Development department, to examine how local communities can leverage the institutional structure of cooperative organizations to create local jobs, retain local capital resources, […]

Product Characterization Reports

The Project Team identified and described product categories eligible for evaluation through the Hub in a series of characterization reports that are organized by 9 technology sectors. Each report provides: An overview Characterization of energy benefits, non-energy benefits, differentiation, installation pathways and dependencies List of products Quantification of performance References Electric Space Conditioning Electric space […]

Energy Storage

Energy Storage (view full report) Product categories evaluated: Peak Electricity Management Peak Shaving, Peak Shifting and Demand Response Off-Grid Power “Cloud” and “AI” Based Control

Agricultural Irrigation Systems

Agricultural Irrigation Systems (view full report) Product categories evaluated: Pumping Automatic Self-Cleaning Disc Filters Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors Pump Protection Sand Separator Variable Frequency Drive System


Lighting (view full report) Product categories evaluated: Direct Current Lighting Low-Voltage Direct Current Lighting High-Voltage Direct Current Lighting Off-Grid LED Lighting Systems

Plug Load Products

Plug Load Products (view full report) Product categories evaluated: Plug and Receptacle Controls Networked Power Receptacle Controls Smart Plugs Advanced Power Strip with Motion Sensors