EEI Faculty Director, Kelly Kissock, participated in a global conference of clean energy leaders in Goa, India. Kelly presented at a panel on international cooperation for a resilient and decarbonized building sector, in which…
Motivated to tell stories through visual communications? The Energy and Efficiency Institute (EEI) at the University of California, Davis, is seeking a graphic designer/creative specialist student to put their design skills to work assisting…
The Energy and Efficiency Institute at the University of California, Davis, is seeking one post-doc to lead research in the area of low-carbon materials. The post-doc will participate in, lead, and develop…
Alissa is one of four faculty members that will receive an outstanding faculty award at the College of Engineering Awards Celebration on May 25….
The Orange County Register
New laws and funding push ventilation to boost air quality and slow spread of COVID-19. But experts cite too many loopholes and not enough consistency….
Energy Institute at HAAS
Western Cooling Efficiency Center research featured in an article published by the Energy Institute at Haas. Replacing your home HVAC system with a new heat pump reduces carbon emissions significantly. But when…
ABC 7 News: KGO
The Western Cooling Efficiency Center at UC Davis is trying to develop new air technology that addresses problems with the grid and the challenges of climate change using our current AC systems….
The Spokesman-Review
Washington building code proposal prompts debate as Inflation Reduction Act could spur heat pump use….
Sacramento Bee
Do-it-yourself air filters are safe, effective and can be used to protect your lungs from California wildfire smoke….
close up of an EV being charged
The Equation
Despite EVs’ considerable environmental benefits, it will be imperative to “green” the material sourcing process to ensure a more sustainable and ethical supply chain as the world transitions to an electrified transportation system….