The Spokesman-Review
Washington building code proposal prompts debate as Inflation Reduction Act could spur heat pump use….
Sacramento Bee
Do-it-yourself air filters are safe, effective and can be used to protect your lungs from California wildfire smoke….
close up of an EV being charged
The Equation
Despite EVs’ considerable environmental benefits, it will be imperative to “green” the material sourcing process to ensure a more sustainable and ethical supply chain as the world transitions to an electrified transportation system….
Journal of Building Engineering
This paper seeks to understand and analyze the trade-offs between airborne infection probability and energy consumption of ventilation systems for a simulated classroom in 13 cities across the US….
Concentrating solar-thermal power technologies can help eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from the energy sector….
National Geographic
To fight climate change, cleaner energy sources are desperately needed, but some experts say more should be done to keep untouched desert ecosystems intact….
Report analyzes greenhouse gas emissions of two heating and cooling systems
Homes and businesses use over 25 percent of California’s energy. With a number of different space heating and cooling technologies available to developers, it is important to understand and quantify potential greenhouse gas (GHG)…
ABC 7 News: KGO
The metals in the batteries are hazardous and could leach into the environment if they are not properly handled….
female scientist examining water
UC Davis
Before a drop of treated water in California ever reaches a consumer’s faucet, about 8% of it has already been wasted due to leaks in the delivery system. Nationally, the waste is even higher…
Egret standing on solar panels
Popular Science
To beat climate change, our electricity mix is going to need a lot more renewable energy systems to take over fossil fuels. Many in the solar industry are looking for a new home…