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The EEI hosts a number of energy-related events each year. These events include everything from seminars and webinars to international conferences.

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October 6, 2021 – 12pm to 12:45pm PST
Rafael Almeida, Ph.D., Cornell University
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September 29, 2021 – 12pm to 12:45pm PST
Rob Davis, Communications & Public Relations, Connexus Energy; Chair, ASTRO Advisory Committee, NREL InSPIRE study
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Thursday, August 26 from 11am to 12pm PST

As California and the nation push towards reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, cement production has emerged as an area of critical importance. Reducing GHG emissions from cement production is complex due to the ways that cement is produced, and the need for cement to support critical civil infrastructure systems over lifespans measured in decades. At UC Davis, there is ongoing research examining technology and policy drivers to mitigate these GHG emissions while maintaining performance.

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Tuesday, August 24 from 10am to 11:30am PST

The UC Davis Center for Water-Energy Efficiency (CWEE) developed an economic optimal leak loss model and performed a study using water utility data from four different states to evaluate the results of the CWEE model and others* (including the State Water Board’s current model). CWEE recently performed a similar assessment tailored for California by comparing economic models using California utility data only. Attend this public webinar to learn about the UC Davis Economic Optimum model and how it compares to the proposed California model.

* This work is currently in the peer-reviewed publication process. Learn more about the study and review a related publication here.

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Energy audit bootcamp photo within UC Davis facilities with a professor showing students how something works

Date: June 28-29, 2021
Location: Online
Description: Pacific Gas & Electric will be hosting a 2-day online workshop where attendees will develop energy auditing skills. The instructor, Ryan Stroupe, will provide an overview of building technologies with an emphasis on distinguishing older, inefficient equipment from newer efficient systems. In-class exercises and mock-audit activities will allow attendees to immediately apply what they have learned through virtual field exercises. 
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image of large black pipes and machinery to move them.

Thursday, June 17th from 11am to 12pm PST

The Big Shift is a transformative infrastructure project taking place on the UC Davis campus where building heating systems are being converted from steam heat that is generated by natural gas to hot water that is generated by electricity. The Big Shift will help the university achieve its goal of becoming carbon neutral by reducing reliance on fossil fuel.

Webinar Sponsor: Siemens

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